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Our reputation as one of South Africa's favorite restaurants has been built on the consistent quality of our menu, which offers a selection of home-cooked & old-world favorites from our South African roots.


 We are a family restaurant, perhaps you could consider us a steakhouse – but with our wide variety of dishes, a very unique one. 

We believe that it’s what’s on your plate that matters most to you. 


Come taste and discover us for yourself.


We have earned a place in the hearts and minds of our customers by working hard, every day.  As the years go by, we will ensure that you enjoy a consistent, high-quality, and satisfying experience.

We plan on being here for years to come, and we’ll get there the same way we always do | by offering the best of the old and working hard to stay fresh, new, and exciting for generations to come.

Allow us to really earn a place in your heart, where we are top of mind when it comes to dining out.

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Real-deal break special at the House of Ribs
Full Chicken and Chips at the House of Ribs

What Customer's Say

Sharon M

"Had a great time yesterday hosting a baby shower here.  I'm grateful for them accommodating me and my guests last minute.  I had booked at house of ribs Kempton Park with the impression that I'm booking in Boksburg.  Little did I know they had a branch in Kempton.  The manager was helpful and managed to sort my mess and accommodate my guests, so I did'nt have to change anything.........


Amazing service all the time...

Lazola M



Red Striped Star
Red Striped Star
Red Striped Star
Red Striped Star
Red Striped Star


Excellent restaurant, very neat and great food...

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